Quality Management Systems

Our quality management system is defined by our mission to deliver our customers the freshest products which have been packed in compliance with food safety standards and maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.

We believe that achieving this mission requires working as a family with a team of individuals open to innovation and competent in quality management standardisation.

Our company which operates in the sector of production-packaging-marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables has adopted the PRINCIPLE of developing the existing quality -food safety system and culture in order to provide safe end products in accordance with customer requests, legal regulations and to protect the environment, to use its resources in a way that creates minimum waste. To achieve this goal in all process stages and in the end products, we are committed to comply with and continuously improve the effectiveness of Applicable Terms, Relevant Legal regulations, product originality (authenticity) requirements, customer requests, sector requirements, Quality and Food Safety Managements system (IS0 22000, IFS, BRCGS, GLOBALGAP, TN, GRASP, SMETA ect) requirements and all AKSUN set conditions.

We employ 18 food/agricultural engineers who work closely in every step of the process from harvest and collection to production, from quality control to certification.

We are aware that there is always room for improvement. This is why we use every opportunity to provide training programmes specific to our departments and in accordance with job descriptions. We keep a close eye on innovations concerning our quality certificates and aim to improve our operations and services by implementing new standards for our activities.

We have achieved full automation between departments thanks to a Microsoft software installed on the company computer network. On our database, we keep up-to-date information about the current locations of producers, number of trees, pest control information, analysis results, annual air temperature data and productivity reports which allows retrospective comparisons for a period of 10 years.

Data about product purchases, harvesting schedules, pre and post-harvest analysis reports, domestic and international shipment lists are updated in real time which are then compared with end-of-day production reports. Our system appoints a designated producer code and keeps records of production and output lots, and quality reports. The barcode sticker on the finished product allows complete traceability from production line to the customer’s door.

On this amazing and exciting journey from field to table, we believe that success is increasing the number of customers satisfied with Aksun’s incredible product range.

We hope to make you a satisfied customer, too…