The best products come from producers who are devoted to care for their gardens and orchards. Yet, consumers can only enjoy these products if they are processed at state-of-the-art factories. This is why Aksun made its biggest investment to date in order to open a new facility which was completed in 2018. Our facility is located on a 68,000 m2 plot which has a 22,800 m2 closed area that includes a 31,300 m3 cold room, 10,240 m3 degreening room and 1.000 m3 cold loading tunnels. The facility also features 4 rapid chilling rooms for “Cold Treatment” shipments made to countries like Japan. Aksun is the largest compact fresh fruit and vegetable packing facility in the region.

Aksun has 2 citrus, 1 pomegranate and 1 onion-potato packing machines which are fully automated and capable of electronic colour, quality and size detection. The facility also has 10 netting and 2 mobile stone fruit packaging lines. The entire facility is lit with a nano-technology lighting system while the solar PV panels on the roof generate 78% of the electricity used at the facility.

Products arriving at the facility first enter a fully automated dosage system that applies disinfectants before proceeding to the packaging line where products are automatically washed, size separated, sprayed and waxed. After a pre-chilling process, the products arrive at the cold air tunnels without compromising the cold chain and wait ready for loading.

Today, Aksun delivers superior quality products to more than 50 countries by air, land and sea, and keeps on adding a new destination each year. With the help of a fleet of 48 refrigerated lorries owned by sister companies Petronak and Akın Nakliyat, Aksun is also able to provide full or partial door-to-door deliveries.

Aksun uses Microsoft’s ERP system Dynamics NAV which provides traceability in all phases from harvest to processing, spraying to storage and export. This transparent system also allows customers to easily follow all the stages of their orders from production to quality control reporting and delivery. Aksun’s most recent investment happened in 2020 when a new machine was purchased for the machine park. The fully automated Maf Roda Pomone IV Model fig packaging machine with optic scanner has 21 outlets is capable grading both colour and quality.

In the future, we will continue to build on our business and develop our facility with the right investments.