There is so Much to Tell About Us

Our story starts in 1989, when the Akıncıgil Group of Companies left the partnership it had established with Horoz Nakliyat in 1980 and decided to become an independent company.

Previously specialising in fresh fruit and vegetable transport, the Akıncıgil Group of Companies founded two logistics companies, namely Akın Nakliyat and Petronak Taşımacılık, in 1989, marking the beginning of a new adventure.

In the following years, the Akıncıgil Group of Companies developed the motivation to build on its success by investing in another sector, ultimately giving birth to a new member in the group of companies in 1994: Aksun.

The name Aksun originates from the merger of the first syllable of Akıncıgil – ‘Ak’ and the English word ‘sun’. Aksun’s story begins right here.

Under the wings of the group which was reinforced by Petronak Taşımacılık and Akın Nakliyat and guided by the core principles of the Akıncıgil Group of Companies, Aksun had a new mission to fulfil: to represent the group at an international level. Since its foundation, Aksun has made a habit of building on its success in partnership with its stakeholders. During its globetrotting journey in food export, Aksun has grown and now operates in a facility that has a covered area of 22.800 m2.

Aksun has established a unique standardisation system for each product that enters the plant. Besides four different main packaging lines, Aksun also has 12 net, Girsac and Flowpack packaging machines.

From 250 gr, single-serve small packaging to 1-ton jumbo packaging Aksun is capable of meeting the needs of a broad range of requirements. Aksun also holds an organic food production certificate.

Aksun’s automated machine park means that the freshest of products are packed after being separated according to size, colour and quality. Aksun has penetrated several markets around the globe under its own brand.

Dedicated to deliver nothing but the freshest fruit and vegetables, Aksun has its own modern logistics fleet for efficient and punctual, complete or partial, customs cleared door-to-door deliveries to its customers.

If our paths have not crossed until now, please contact us so we can tell you more about our delicious products and the convenience of doing business with Aksun.

                                                                                Environmental Awareness is in our Nature

Aksun considers it a mission to work closely with its producers in the cultivation of its export products. This includes supervision on agricultural pest control which eliminates unnecessary pesticide application, increases awareness and contributes the wellbeing of humans and nature.

Aksun is an environmentally considerate company and takes steps to make its facilities greener and more energy efficient.

Our nanotechnological infrastructure means that we are able to utilise daylight in our production process rather than consume electricity for lighting.

The Solar PV panels installed on the roof our factory produce 78% of the electricity demand of our operations. The roof also has a rainwater collection and drainage system to save water.