2 main citrus packing lines : Donated with optic readers and computerized systems, products are graded as per 8 different colors, 4 quality classes and distributed to 20 different outlets.
Feeding : Automatic robots
Sizer: Colour + Quality + Weighing
Automatic box filling
Packing table

1 Onion& potatoes packing line : We are capable of calibrating even the early onions and all the other onions varieties, weigh them as per requests and pack them in various net.

16 netting machine units : These machines are used especially for citrus products.

Processing bands: These bands are used much more during the process of last quality control and automatic weighing controls of products. By menas of these bands production and processing is done in less time and an individual control of products is completed.

4 automatic palletizers + strapping line : By means of newly installed automatic palletizer which are connected to the outlets of citrus line and strapping linet he whole process of pallets and later after positionin of corners and strapping is managed automatically without any human power.