*When providing employment, having the right competence for the job, choosing the right people and ensuring that they work in the proper positions,
* To evaluate the human resource in the group primarily for new positions,
* To work in a friendly settlement of the disputes between the employee and the employer by providing the working union and the labor peace between the employee and the employer at the workplace,
* Recognizing employees not only as a production element but as a social entity, ensuring the protection of their rights in the course of their work and in the future,
* To evaluate the performance of employees and to encourage employees to social activities,
* To create a development environment and opportunity to improve the continuous development and potential of employees,
* Encouraging employees to take responsibility for the consequences of work related to their work,
* To provide a business environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life,
* Always use systems of clarity and transparency in human resources management policy, based on equality principles that are far from personal criteria,
* To provide appropriate and healthy working environment for employees, to work for development and improvement of personnel for work and worker safety, environment, social insurance and other issues.

Starting from the recruitment of our employees, we are committed to “respecting and protecting” the rights they have with education, wages, laws and regulations.