In Turkey and in world, in the sector of export of fresh/dry fruit and vegetables, operating for development of Food Safety awareness from Productionto Consumption, presenting to the customers special solutions and in aspects of quality priority being a preferred supplier of world market.

To offer our customers fruits and vegetables of high quality, healtyhy and of convenient prices.
To produce, to pack, to store and to carry offered fruits and vegetables in hygienic, safe and in proper dcold chain conditions.
By applying less chemicals drugs to the fields, we are aiming to minimize the damage to the nature and environment, to assure the conformity to the legal limits of pesticide residue and to realize export of products which meets the requirements of customers.
By organizing regular QMS training for all units, updating employees with actual information, and become a more corporate company where everyone has got specialized in its area.
Ensure traceability from farm to table for each offered and provide customer satisfaction up to the final consumer.
In order to improve the product and service quality; our R&D department is enhancing the collaboration with universities and for any problem sor questions that may arise, by getting scientifically support we are aiming to be a part of solution.