AKSUN Tarımsal Ürünler A.Ş, a member of Akincigil Group of Companies has started fresh fruit and vegetable export in 1989.
Having a wide range of products, Aksun serves its customers by supplying 24 different products in a wide selection of packages, from 250 g small packing units up to 1 ton jumbos. Aksun is capable to meet customer requests, with its customized production and packaging line ensuring strictly held hygiene standards.

In order to advance its state and abilities towards supplying its customers with products having improved quality and health, Aksun has implemented and certificated its management system with ISO 22000:2005, GLOBALGAP, BRC, TN and IFS standards.
Additionally, with the certification granted, Aksun has the clearance to process organic products in its own facilities, supplying BIO products since 2010. Being aware of the importance of BIO products in human health through near future, Aksun is aiming to increase its market share.
With both the “conventional” and “Bio” products presented for most of its product range, Aksun has become direct supplier of supermarket chains in its target regions.

While Aksun was marketing only within Europe in the beginning of 1990s, now Aksun is capable to reach each country in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Russia via air, road and sea routes.

Because carrier service plays one of the most important roles in export, Aksun prefers to transfer products door-to-door by its sister companies, aiming to supply its high quality products on time and safely. Taking advantage of refrigerated truck fleet, Aksun has become distinguished in “weekly partial delivery” with its success.

Aksun can deliver 1 pallet product per week to your door through its season, in preferred packages, with labeling of choice, even with custom cleared. Aksun has also differentiated itself from market, supplying this “Extra Service Network” since 2006 with success.
Aksun exports over 30.000 tons of citrus and pomegranates, which is most widely grown in the region, within its 6 months season. Finalizing the citrus season around March, Aksun continues to work on summer fruits like watermelon, apricot, cherry, fig, grapes, and 12 month available vegetables, like tomato, leek, onion or potato.

Besides citrus, packaging of all the other fresh/dried fruits and vegetables are done according to European norms via computerized lines. Aksun can supply products to its customers throughout the year.

Being able to become a well-known brand with both reliability and quality, in internal and external markets, for years, Aksun can succeed to “Start and work for years together” with its customers.

In case you are not in collaboration with Aksun yet, we hope you to meet our professional marketing team and tasty products, before too late.

Our Facilities
After improving our warehouse with latest technology, open area is 63.000 mq and closed area 21.800 mq with 2 citrus + 1 onion & potatoes packing line, 16 netting machine units and there is also a botanic garden which is 1000mq for trial plantings.

With the addition of the latest machinery our cold room capacity is 10.000 tons with 19 cold rooms and “fast cooling room capacity” is 100 tons with 4 rooms.

Additionally, with 1 sampling room which contains 1000 sample box in the same condition of relevant loading of each client. It is the importance of traceability.

On the other hand, location of the warehouse is only 13 km to Mersin International Port and 30 km to Adana Airport which is a big advantage of the logistic.

Logistic Possibilities:
Aksun supplies its customers with 24 different products through 12 months via 3 different logistic alternatives.
First alternative is transport through land by our group companies PETRONAK and AKIN Nakliyat with their frigo trucks.
All of the transport operations of Aksun is tracked by a distinct department via online vehicle tracking and delivered to customers with 1,4% delay.

Aksun can regularly deliver its products to customers demanding “only 1 pallet” or “10 pallets” per week, by vehicles loaded with partial order, 3 times a week, through land. This detailed organization could only be realized by Petronak and Akın partnership and the coordination with the local companies abroad. Aksun gives partial transport service to more countries every year.

Additionally, working with powerful local agencies and direct line owner companies, Aksun has sea transport alternatives for exports to overseas regions like America, Far East or Australia. Being only 2 km to port, Aksun has strong sea transport services throughout whole year.
The third transport alternative is the air transport, which brings Aksun to the top of the market. We’re the leader company in the region who deals with air cargo since 2014.With the cooperation with Turkish Airways, Aksun can deliver exotic fruits to customers, moreover air transport is used for dried products delivery as well.

Being the fastest and on time, Aksun carries on reliable logistics services for years, with the fleet of its sister companies which continues growing.